Lost & Found Racing Pigeons

The QRPF (QPF Rings only) Stray Bird Contact is:

Ron & Jan Spragg

Home 3848 7659

Mobile 0423 059 414

From time to time racing pigeons can become disorientated and unable to find their way home. In particular this occurs when they are dehydrated. Some times just giving them a drink of water and a rest of an hour or so will see them again head off in the direction of their home loft.

They may also have been injured and unable to fly in which case they can be reported to the QRPF Stray Bird Contact listed above.

Each racing pigeon has attached to its leg a seamless band that has been placed on the bird’s leg when it was just a youngster. These bands cannot be removed other then by permanently cutting the band off.

The band has information written it, which includes the club letters (eg. QPF), the year of its birth (eg. 2008) and a unique number.

These details are recorded in a register that the QRPF maintains for racing pigeons belonging to its members.

Our stray bird contact officer will endeavor to contact the owner and make arrangements for the bird’s return. However it should be pointed out that racing pigeons compete in long distance races and some lost birds may belong to owners in far away towns and cities that are not part of the QRPF.

For example racing pigeon clubs in Sydney conduct races from Gympie back to Sydney. The QRPF does not have a register of birds belonging to members of other pigeon clubs but will endeavor to pass the information onto the respective club in that area.

Jan can be very busy with the handling of stray birds at times and it would be appreciated if you could avoid ringing at meal times.

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