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G & J Basford NCPC

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An aircraft has been hit and damaged by racing pigeons at the Brisbane airport. Members are reminded about our rules not to release pigeons near or where likely to cross an airport!!!

Barry Devine Auction Sunday 14th June Wynnum Manly Pigeon Club...Catalogue Click Here

Racing Pigeon Auction Sunday 28th June at Wynnum Manly Pigeon Club ... click here

NCPC Racing Pigeon Show 12th July at Zammit Oval... click here

Triple Crown Racing is commencing, 1st Race from Gympie 30th May, nominations close 16th May see website for more info... click here

Bio-Security Qld have confirmed PMV1 has again been detected at multiple properties in Victoria and now considered established in Australia but has not as yet reached Qld.... have you vaccinated????

Training/tosses available for 2015... click here

Pigeon Comedy - the Two Ronnies.. Click Here

Paramyxovirus Brisbane Seminar.. read more

Welcome to the Website of the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation Incorporated.

This site is intended to provide information to our members as well as provide an insight to the general public on Pigeon Racing and our Federation. The Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation Incorporated (QRPF) operates within South-East Queensland, taking in Brisbane and surrounding districts and shires.

Click  here for a Handout on the basics of Pigeon Racing in the QRPF.

The QRPF has been in operation since itís inception in 1945 and with an associated history that goes back to the nineteenth century. We operate a schedule of approximately 24 races a year, covering numerous distances and transporting thousands of pigeons each week.

The QRPF welcomes all who share an interest in racing pigeons and will gladly provide assistance to those who are curious about or wish to join our sport. Pigeon fanciers come from all walks of life. rich, poor, minorities, young and old. It is a wonderful hobby, and financially available to people on all levels.

The hobby is primarily male, but we also have women fliers. Young boys seem naturally attracted to pigeons, the way young girls seem to gravitate towards horses.  Many older pigeon people started when they were young children in a time when it seemed every neighbourhood had a pigeon loft.

Racing Pigeons are a very hardy species, easily housed and require no complex feeds compared to some exotic bird species.

They adapt well to most any climate or geographic location. Racing Pigeons have a strong homing instinct and can be released to fly around their loft, as well be trained to return to their loft from 600 miles or more. Like humans, they are motivated by food, water, security and by a mate. They mate for life unless their mate is taken from them or dies.

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QRPF Champions

Joe Caruana 1994
G and S Freise 2004
J & J Payne 2008
R Holloway 2009
A & R Kitching 2010
Porter & Clegg 2011
Len Vanderlinde 2014
Federation Winners 2009 to 2014



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National Winner 2007
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