• QPF flyers who decide not to race this season due to the Rota virus can get their West Section breeders plate money back by contacting Ray Walker 0411 353 552. The BP race will go ahead depending on how many want to race. QPF members have until basketing night 16th June to decide if they are going to race or not and get the QPF flying fees back, after that date no more refunds will be available contact .bnsnyman@optusnet.com.au.

    Kevin Miller auction has been postponed until 30th July 2017...Auction Catalogue Kevin Miller 

    Rota Virus Outbreak Dec 2016 for further info go to ANRPB site... Click Here

    Victoria Cup $100,000 Pigeon Race 2017.....click here


Welcome to the Website of the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation Incorporated.

This site is intended to provide information to our members as well as provide an insight to the general public on Pigeon Racing and our Federation. The Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation Incorporated (QRPF) operates within South-East Queensland, taking in Brisbane and surrounding districts and shires.

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Race Loft for Sale Ph Ray 0408 781 416
Race Loft for Sale Ph Ray 0408 781 416
Pat Arcella Race Loft
world chalenge

World challenge Pigeon Race….click here




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