Paramyxovirus (PMV1)

The information below has been received from Kevin Rudd's office in response to an email the QRPF sent seeking his support re: importation of a pigeon specific vaccine:

* The Department of Agriculture has received applications from two different overseas manufacturers to import their paramyxovirus vaccine for use in pigeons

 * Following an assessment of the manufacturing process for the first vaccine it was determined that the biosecurity risk was unacceptable and the manufacturer was unwilling to implement additional controls to mitigate risk to an acceptably low level

 * The department is currently assessing the second application. Again it has been determined that the vaccine is manufactured using techniques that are not compliant with Australia’s vaccine import requirements. The manufacturer has presented a case arguing how alternate risk controls can be considered equivalent to current policy requirements. This case is currently being assessed by Animal Biosecurity Branch

 * ‘Off label’ use of poultry Newcastle disease vaccines in pigeons overseas has been shown to be safe and to provide protection against the paramyxovirus in pigeons. These poultry vaccines are currently available in Australia. The department has recommended that pigeon owners approach their veterinarian to discuss the ‘off-label’ use of these poultry vaccines


There has been another outbreak of PMV1 in Sydney and their racing has been suspended as of 29th June 2012. It is highly recommended that ALL pigeon fanciers vaccinate their birds ASAP. The vaccine can be purchased through a vet, Nobilis Newcavac is the only vaccine available at present.

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Biosecurity Queensland have given a seminar at the QRPF Headquarters on Tuesday evening 19th June, where they discussed the many issues that have pigeon fanciers here concerned for the welfare of their birds. In attendance where Dr Lawrence Gavey (Bio Security Qld), Dr Tom Grimes (MSD Animal Health Poultry Adviser) & Darryl Meaney (Pfizer Animal Health)

The main points that came out of the seminar were:

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